2018 Life Logs, Day 255—Back on Cape Cod
Date: Wednesday, September 12, 2018
Weather: Overcast, Then Pouring Rain; High 73, Low 64 F
Location: Back Home in The Cottage, East Falmouth, MA

Wishing I had more time to explore Philadelphia, I left Kevin and Claire at 10 am and started my last leg of the trip home. It was overcast when I started out and then started misting heavily as I crossed the George Washington Bridge into New York City. I made a stop in New Haven to do some shopping and have lunch at IKEA as it is very convenient to the highway. When I got back on the road, the heavens opened up and I had torrential rain all the way to Cape Cod. But as I crossed the bridge, the rain ceased. That has been the pattern all summer. It rains just north of us, but here in Falmouth we have not rain for a very long time. I had a wonderful seven-day road trip, but as I drove in the drive-way, I was so excited to be home again.

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