2018 Life Logs, Day 222—Books, Trains, Mini-Golf, Beach . . . Fun
Date: Friday, August 10, 2018
Weather: Beautiful Day; High 87, Low 67 F
Location: At Home in the Cottage, East Falmouth, MA

Ollie and Jonah requested a trip to the Cape Cod Inflatable Park today. The weather was perfect but there were commitments at home that caused us to change our plans. After weeks of waiting, the flooring for the upstairs bathroom was scheduled to be installed today and we needed to be home for that. Plus, Jonah’s good friend Luke and his mom were coming to dinner. A trip to the inflatable park is evidently a FULL day, starting early and ending late, so we’ll try for this during the last week of August when Sam is home and can go with us. But the alternative was a mix of activities that made it a fun-filled day. Heather suggested a Book Fest in the backyard before she left for work and Jonah took her up on that, reading book after book in the backyard hammock. Ollie chose to stay inside and play with the train track that had been built earlier in the morning. When the flooring guy came, we found out that he would do part of the work in the morning and then finish the job in the afternoon, so we again adjusted our plans. We were going to spend the whole morning at home and then go to play mini-golf in the afternoon. But we dropped everything and headed there early so we could be home for the flooring guy again at 2 pm. We went to Cataumet Crossing and played mini-golf, visited the arcade where Jonah managed to get six games on Thunder Road for free himself and Ollie, rode in the bumper boats, and batted and pitched baseballs in the mini-cage. And on our way home, we visited Smitty’s for an ice cream treat for the second time this week. After all, it is summer!

After the bathroom flooring was completed, we headed to Menauhant Beach to meet Jed. We met Heather there yesterday and showed off the new swimming skills, so Jed rode his bike home from Woods Hole and met us there today for a repeat performance. The boys swam, dove, and snorkeled, showing daddy the underwater critters they first discovered yesterday. We all snorkeled and saw baby sea robins, boxfish of some sort that the boys are calling pufferfish, baby dogfish, and other unidentified fish. Today only Ollie rode his bike home with daddy as Jonah wanted to ride home with me in the car to get ready for the arrival of his friend Luke. The Goldstones head to Maine on Monday morning for a week plus of vacation. And that means a vacation from Camp Oma for me as well. I’ll miss my little summer buddies, but I look forward to time to catch up with friends and do whatever adults do in the summer.

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