2018 Life Logs, Day 215—Working Day
Date: Friday, August 3, 2018
Weather: Sunny; High 84, Low 72 F
Location: At Home in the Cottage, East Falmouth, MA

Today was a working day . . . garden, yard, and house clean-up at the Goldstones. The boys helped out, sometimes enthusiastically and sometimes not so, but together we ticked off a lot of jobs on the list made by Heather and Jed plus some jobs added by Oma. Sam loved using the power washer to clean house trim and Ollie loved using the hand-powered lawn mover to cut grass in the back yard. Neither of those things were on the list. Jonah didn’t find his love until Heather got home. She had him spraying the cleaner on cabinet doors as she wiped them down. He loved doing that so much that he then sprayed the kitchen floor as I mopped. When Heather got home, she got the trim around front door painted. It looks great.

Mid-day we drove into town to get Sam’s hair cut. Heather usually cuts his hair, but he had a coupon from Pro Cuts and wanted to go there. He wanted to be in charge of telling the stylist how much to cut, so I let him do it. I think she cut too much, but then I love the ‘mop top’ Goldpebbles. Sam looked way too ‘groomed’ for me, but he was very happy with the results. He leaves on Tuesday for a week in Maine to spend time with his Grammy Marti. Getting his hair cut was on his list of things to get done before leaving, so we accomplished that. The other thing that got accomplished was getting new brakes for my car. I needed new calipers as well as pads, an oil change, and other maintenance issues. The price tag was higher than I hoped, but my eight year-old Honda Fit has needed very little maintenance until now. Mark and I bought it used in 2014 and I think the first time I have spent money on the car has been this summer. New tires a month ago and now new brakes. Hopefully that will be it for a bit. The people doing the brakes reported that the car is in incredibly good condition other than needing regular maintenance work. Hope they are right about that.

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