2018 Life Logs, Day 190—Long, but Happy Summer Day
Date: Monday, July 9, 2018
Weather: Sunny, Warm Day, Cool Night; High 74, Low 64 F
Location: At Home in the Cottage, East Falmouth, MA

I left home at 8 am and got home after 10 pm. It was a long, but good day. It ended up to be long because Heather and Jed had plans to go out to dinner with friends and the neighbor teenager, Cassidy, that was going to babysit, had to back out. I was more than happy to fill the gap. Heather and Jed rarely go out together without the kids, so I have encouraged them to do more of this and take me up on my offer to kidsit anytime.

Heather left early this morning to take Jonah to the first day of his week-long sports camp (which he loved). A little later in the morning, Sam, Ollie, and I headed to nearby Menauhant Beach for the first day of swim lessons. Sam has opted to do a daily swim from jetty to jetty in lieu of taking lessons this year. Ollie signed up for the Beginner class, but he has friends in the Advanced Beginner class and might move up to that one. His friends in the that class are encouraging him to do that, but he really enjoyed the Beginner class today. There were only three kids, including Ollie. One was the 4-year old cousin of one of Ollie’s best friends and the other was an 11 year-old boy named George who has just moved here from Mongolia and has obviously never been swimming in the ocean. Ollie was by far the strongest swimmer and I think he enjoyed the role of leader and encourager for the other two kids. The instructor is fantastic, and she will allow Ollie to move from class to class if he does decide he wants to be with his friends. Sam completed his first long swim and we all agreed that it was a good first day of lessons at the beach. From there we went to a concert by a group called Crooked Coast at the East Falmouth Library. This was the kick-off for daily free lunches for kids who need that, but today, and once a week all summer, the lunches with a concert will be available to all kids. When we got home, Joey from next door came over with two of his friends. The boys were playing soccer in the front yard when one of Joey’s friends got stung by a bee. He was fine, but I felt the need to get the lawnmower out to try to cut down the clover in the front yard. Heather’s bees love that clover, but it is just not safe to have the kids playing amongst the clover. So, my solution is to try and get rid of the clover. Jed picked up Jonah from his sports camp and brought him home to get ready to go to guitar lessons. That didn’t go smoothly because Jonah decided that playing with friends was much more important than going to guitar lessons. He went, crying and reluctant, but he returned home elated. He is learning to play a song that he loves and he wanted to play it for all of us when he got home. I let the boys play way past regular dinner time as they were having so much fun, but eventually I had to make then come in for dinner. Minus a couple of melt downs over shoes that don’t fit (Ollie) and not wanting to leave friends to go to guitar lessons (Jonah), it was fun and happy day with the Goldpebbles.

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