2018 Life Logs, Day 181—Jonah’s Birthday Party with Friends
Date: Saturday, June 30, 2018
Weather: Sunny and Hot; High 85, Low 67 F
Location: At Home in the Cottage, East Falmouth, MA

Summer has arrived as evidenced by the 85 degree high temperature today. It was a perfect day for Jonah’s birthday party with friends. He invited three friends to join him to attend a New England Revolutions soccer game tonight followed by an overnight. The friends arrived mid-afternoon to play and have ice cream birthday cake. Dessert first! Then they left to travel to the Gillette Stadium in Wrentham. Ollie really didn’t want to go to the game which is just as well as it was going to be a late night affair. So, Marti, Jed’s mother, and I took Ollie and friend Raylan downtown to go bowling at the Ryan Family Bowling and Arcade Center. This is candlepin bowling with small lightweight balls and it is much easier and enjoyable for young kids and grandmothers. Neither Marti nor I are bowlers, but we managed to have a great time. After bowling, the boys went into the arcade and they would have stayed there all evening if allowed. But we had a dinner reservation at the nearby Simply Divine pizza restaurant. We chose to sit at an outside table. The boys entertained themselves with the games on the placement and just talking, talking, talking. This gave Marti and I a chance to talk as well. It was a fun evening.

In last night’s log, I said that I had no photos of our lovely dinner on Midge and Bill Frieswyk’s back deck. But today, Olivia White sent photos, so I’m including a couple here. I also got photos of Justin, Jo, Ziggy, and Coco in England from Jo’s father . . . Jo’s summer solstice birthday cake made by Justin, Jo with Coco and Ziggy visiting Stonehenge, and a photo of Ziggy and Coco with their cousins Rufus and Kitty.


As you can see from the photo posted here, it is very obvious that they are related. Can’t wait for JJZ&C to arrive here to visit in mid-July, but am so glad they are having such a wonderful visit with Jo’s parents.

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