2018 Life Logs, Day 179—Rainy Day . . . Lots of Rain
Date: Thursday, June 28, 2018
Weather: Overcast with Rain; High 70, Low 65 F
Location: At Home in the Cottage, East Falmouth, MA

Day Four of Camp Oma 2018 was a rainy, rainy day. Grammy Marti had planned to go to Martha’s Vineyard today to visit, but that was changed to tomorrow because of the weather. So today, the Goldpebbles once again had two grandmothers. With that luxury, we could divide tasks and give individual attention to the boys. When I arrived, Marti was working with each boy to help them remove 10 books each from their bookshelves to make room for new books from the annual Falmouth Public Library sale. While she did that, I worked with Sam and Jonah to help them sort through their end-of-year school papers and notebooks, keeping some and recycling others. After lunch, I took Sam to the opening day of the library book sale and we came home with two shopping bags full of chapter books. Marti stayed home with Jonah and Ollie serving as the audience while Jonah practiced playing his new guitar and Ollie kept beat on Sam’s drum set. Then they did some tidying up in the room in the basement that we are now calling the music studio. All the while the rain kept coming down, but when Sam and I got home, Marti took the boys for a walk and the skies really opened up. It was the kind of rain that little boys can’t ignore. The air temperature was warm and there was water running everywhere. They set about damming and redirecting water and called their efforts the Water Works.

I forgot to mention yesterday that while Marti was here visiting at the Cottage, she taught me some new plumbing skills. Not only has my kitchen faucet been dripping, over the weekend it started shooting little sprays of water in every direction. Marti unscrewed the end of the faucet and cleaned out the filters. Amazing. No more spraying. She then showed me how to troubleshoot the leaks. She really doesn’t think I’ll need to replace the whole faucet. Thank you, Marti.

The sun should be shining tomorrow and from the weather forecast, it looks like we are actually going to get temps in the low 80’s with lots of sunshine for the next week. Yippee! Maybe summer has decided to visit for a few days. I took some photos of my raised bed gardens yesterday and am sharing them here. After a week of warm weather and sunshine, it will be interesting to see how much things grow.

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