2018 Life Logs, Day 178—A Little Work, A Little Play
Date: Wednesday, June 27, 2018
Weather: Partly Sunny; High 73, Low 67 F
Location: At Home in the Cottage, East Falmouth, MA

On this third day of Camp Oma 2018, the Goldpebbles spent a day with both of their grandmothers doing a little work, and then a little play. Marti, Jed’s mother, will be here until Sunday morning. Of course, she wants to spend as much time as possible with the “Pebbles”. But when she comes to visit once a year, she also takes on one project. This year she has decided to work on sanding and priming the woodwork surrounding the front door. Heather and Jed started the project earlier in the spring, but we have been so busy that not much progress has been made. In between kid activities today, Marti made great progress. I worked with her for a couple of hours in the morning, and then I took the boys to my place to kayak. Sam had cooked up an idea where he would go out in the red kayak and tow Jonah in the inflatable two-man around the end of the island to a place where they could land and have a picnic lunch. Jonah didn’t feel confident that he could kayak on his own, but in the end, I think it would have been easier. But I just let them go and hoped for the best. They made it just fine, but there was a bit of tension between the two when they returned. Sam was convinced that Jonah had not rowed hard enough and Jonah was frustrated because he felt he had. Towing, and rowing two boats in tandem is just not easy, but I think they learned that without me telling them. Ollie and I had a delightful lunch on the dock while we watched Sam and Jonah out on the water. Just as Sam and Jonah returned from their adventure, Marti arrived. She had lunch on the dock while Ollie and I went out in the two-man and Sam came along in the red kayak. Ollie wanted to go around the bottom of the island and go ashore where Sam and Jonah had their picnic lunch. It is important for the youngest to do just what his older brothers have done. We accomplished that and called it a successful day of kayaking when we got back to the dock. While we were doing this, Jonah was back at the house watching another World Cup soccer game. Sam and Ollie joined him which gave me chance to give Marti a quick tour around the cottage and then she took the boys home. Tomorrow she is going to Martha’s Vineyard to visit with a friend, so I will have the boys. It is the first day of the Falmouth Public Library book sale and we plan to go to that and spend the rest of day just hanging out . . . hopefully reading some of the books we purchase from the library sale. It is supposed to rain, making it a perfect day for reading. Tonight is the full Strawberry Moon. The sky looks clear, but hazy. But even through the haze, there are few sights more beautiful than a full moon.

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