2018 Life Logs, Day 162—Sentosa Island Memories
Date: Monday, June 11, 2018
Weather: Sunny; High 67, Low 49 F
Location: At Home in the Cottage, East Falmouth, MA

Watching television coverage of the Trump-Kim Summit tonight brought back memories of the three weeks that Mark and I spent at the beautiful One 15 Marina on the southern tip of Sentosa Island.

03 Fountain at Entrance

18 Entrance at Night

07 Fountain on the Roof

Singapore is an island, a country, and a city-state all in one. There are a few islands surrounding the main island which are all part of Singapore. Sentosa is one of those and it is just a short public transportation ride from the modern shopping area called Vivo on the main island. The hotel where the Summit is happening is on the southern tip of Sentosa just across the golf course from the resort marina where we stayed. When you come across the bridge from the main island you are greeted by a statue of Merlion,

09 Entering Sentosa Island

14 Merlion Welcomes Us to the Island

half lion, half fish, and the official symbol of Singapore. And as soon as get across the bridge, you can get off the Sentosa Express Monorail and visit the touristy area that is a miniature Disney World. Or you can hop off the Monorail and get a bus that takes you to the southern part of Sentosa which is home to the marina, a few other high end resort hotels, and a couple of golf courses. We had planned to stay in Singapore less than a week, but it ended up to be a great stop with so much to see that we had a hard time pulling ourselves away.

I started my day with another chiropractor appointment and then I drove across the bridge on a shopping expedition. I have been wearing my gym sneakers to do gardening and really had to buy a new pair. There is a New Balance outlet near Costco, so I headed there, did some food shopping, got a new pair of sneakers, and headed back to the Cape to pick Jonah and Ollie up after school. When I got home, I went for a walk around the property searching out poison ivy. Tomorrow Meghan Hannawalt is coming with her goats who love to eat poison ivy and cat briar, both of which I would like to get rid of before Goldpebbles get out of school and start tromping though the wooded area to the marsh. I’m looking forward to watching the goats rid the property of poison ivy in an environmentally friendly manner. I will pick the Goldpebbles up after school so they can come see the goats winding up their work. Should be a fun day.

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