2018 Life Logs, Day 159—Free and Easy Day
Date: Friday, June 8, 2018
Weather: Mostly Sunny; High 69, Low 55 F
Location: At Home in the Cottage, East Falmouth, MA

Life has been moving pretty fast recently, but today there was only one thing that really had to be done (getting new tires). So I just relaxed into a free and easy day. Heather and Jed both had to leave home earlier than usual, so I went over to take Jonah and Ollie to school. Then I went back to Heather’s to plant some flowers we started from seed. I got that done, while also pitching in to help out with laundry. With three little boys, there is always tons of laundry to be done and I don’t mind helping out when I am there. So I folded and folded and folded and put away, put away, put away. I got a text from Heather giving me an update from her early morning doctor appointment. She had a routine tetanus shot the other day and had a reaction to it. She can hardly lift her arm and went to the doctor this morning to get an assessment. He thinks the shot went into the bursar and inflamed it. So, hopefully the problem is short-term bursitis. I was relieved to hear that the doctor was ruling out various adverse reactions that are much more serious. She’ll follow the doctor’s advice and hopefully have full use of her arm back in a few days. It was almost time for lunch by the time I got home. I fixed lunch, puttered around in the front yard, and then headed to my appointment to have two new tires put on the car. I was told that it could take almost two hours because they were working me in between previous set appointments. So, two hours and four tires later, I was on my way home. They convinced me that all of my tires were well worn with very little tread plus cracks in the rubber. Mark and I bought the used Honda Fit in the spring of 2014 and I have put more than 40,000 miles on car since then. The back tires looked newer, but it was one of those that blew out yesterday and they found cracks in the rubber in the other one. So I debated, but finally agreed to just have all the tires replaced. Since I drive those grandkids around all summer, I certainly wouldn’t want to take chances with iffy tires. On my way home, I stopped by Heather’s to drop off a cucumber trellis that arrived today. And I was delighted to see that both Heather and Jed were also having a laid-back early evening. We sat together on the deck having Friday ‘happy hour’ together while enjoying the warmer weather. It is rare that we have time to relax together like that. Delightful.

Tomorrow is a work day at the Goldstones and I have volunteered to come help. There are various home improvement projects that we will tackle. Hopefully we’ll have a productive day.

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