2018 Life Logs, Day 154—June Jog and Last Spring Soccer Games
Date: Sunday, June 3, 2018
Weather: Mostly Sunny, Breezy, and Cool; High 67, Low 47 F
Location: At Home in the Cottage, East Falmouth, MA

East Falmouth Elementary School’s biggest fund raiser of the year is the June Jog. Runners pay a fee to enter either the 4-mile race or the 10k (a little more than 6 miles). As co-president of the PTO, Heather had to be up early to set and get things organized for the morning. She didn’t run the race this year, but Sam did and he came in 3rd in the 14 and under age group. Way to go, Sam. Jed manned one of the water stops and Heather, Jonah, and Ollie manned the other. Then when most of the runners had finished, the three of them ran the last two miles of the race for fun. Jonah came in first and then I saw Heather and Ollie headed for the finish line. Ollie ran the entire 2 miles. I think we have another runner coming along.

The weather was sunny and cool for the race which was good for the runners, but I forgot to bring a jacket and I was freezing. I hung out with Sam until Heather and Jed arrived and then I headed to their house to get a polar fleece and doing a little more planting in Heather’s garden. I should have finished all planting this past weekend, but it just didn’t happen. I only have a few more things to plant in Heather’s garden, but my raised beds are just sitting there waiting for me to fill them with plants and seeds. At the end of the day, I honestly tried, but it was just too cold. Rain is forecast for tomorrow, as well as even cooler weather, so I think I’ll hibernate tomorrow and continue gardening on Tuesday.

Jonah had his last soccer game at noon and we all went to watch. His legs were a little tired from the morning 2-mile run, so he volunteered to be goalie for the first half. His team won easily and Jonah contributed one of the goals. We had an hour between Jonah’s game and Sam’s, so Heather and I left the boys at the field with Jed and went to Walmart to buy a few things. I needed a small yoga ball and lacrosse balls for my physical therapy exercises. Unfortunately, Walmart did not have any lacrosse balls, but I bought a big bag of tennis balls to give to the kids and took a couple of those for myself. They will do until I can find lacrosse balls. Then it was back to the field for Sam’s final game. They experienced a miserable loss yesterday, but they came back today and won despite an aggressive opposing team. In all of the soccer games I have watched over the years, I have seen very few injuries. But we were winning this game and a couple of players from the opposing team got a little physical. We ended up with some injuries, but our guys played like champs and were euphoric at the end of the game. Sam did a repeat of yesterday and blocked one goal and near the end of the game, our goalie made an amazing save. Great way to end the season.

And now for a bit of a rant . . . 4,645. That is the number of people that died in Puerto Rico as a result of Hurricane Maria according to a recent Harvard report. For months, the official government toll has been reported as 64. Anyone who was in Puerto Rico at the time knew that number was not realistic, but the Puerto Rican government has remained silent. I think they have upped their numbers a bit recently, but to nowhere near the number the Harvard study found. Today I talked to Justin and even his positive attitude is eroding as they still do not have water. It comes and goes, but it has been nonexistent for the past week. It has been more than eight months since Hurricane Maria and my grandchildren still do not have running water consistently. I agree with the mayor of San Juan, Carmen Yulín Cruz, who calls this an abuse of human rights. There is an entire island of Americans being treated as second-class citizens. This is just totally unacceptable.

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