2018 Life Logs, Day 136—Change of Address
Date: Wednesday, May 16, 2018
Weather: Mostly Cloudy, Rain Beginning Late Afternoon; High 62, Low 52 degrees
Location: At Home in the Cottage, East Falmouth, MA

It goes without being said that when you move, you have a change of address, and you need to contact credit card companies and other vendors to let them know. I have been so busy, however, that I have neglected to make the necessary contacts, so today was the day. Much of this can be done online these days. I tried that, but I ran into one little problem after another, and ended up spending most of my morning on the phone. I still haven’t contacted everyone, but I made a good start. I took a break at noon to go out and empty bags of garden soil into one of the raised beds. The estimate of 5 bags per 4 foot x foot area was just right. While outside, Shirley from next door came outside and I walked over to say hello. We examined the fruit trees in bloom and listened to the very loud birds talking to each other. On Sunday, Heather spotted a beautiful Northern Flicker in my side yard and yesterday Shirley saw a juvenile Oriole. One of these days, I am going to slow down and just sit and do some bird watching. But not this week! Rain is in the forecast through Sunday and I have a huge Must Do list. But back to the conversation with Shirley, she wanted to let me know that her 99 year-old sister Doris that lives with her, fell early morning. She also fell yesterday and even though Shirley called 911 to get help getting her off the floor, Doris was fine. She also seemed fine after this morning’s fall, but best to check. Her daughter drove down to take her to the doctor, but I haven’t heard the result of that yet. Hopefully, all is well.

I had a 2 pm Physical Therapy assessment and hurried off to that. I was very impressed with the two therapists doing my assessment. There was a young woman named Hannah who must be in training because she was under the constant direction of Tom. The two of them worked for an hour isolating every issue that could possibly impact my left knee. I will continue with training appointments for the next month and then hopefully will just have to keep doing the exercises at home. I left there and drove straight to East Falmouth Elementary to pick up Jonah and Ollie. I was there until 7:15 pm when everyone but Ollie and I returned from soccer practice and a make-up soccer game for Jonah. Ollie and I stayed home and worked on a project. Ollie has been wanting to make a huge gods eye or Ojo de Dios with multi-colored yarn. But since he has never made one before, we watched a how-to video on YouTube and then he was off and running. I got him started but he needed no further coaching. The only help he needed was when we switched from one color yard to another. The multi-colored yard was beautiful, but we found that we needed to unravel and then rewind each color separately, so he could change colors when he wanted. It was a fun project and brought back memories of the first time I made gods eyes. That was with Heather when she was two. I still have those gods eyes and put them on my Christmas tree each year.

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