2018 Life Logs, Day 134—Search for Organic Garden Soil
Date: Monday, May 14, 2018
Weather: Partly Sunny; High 66, Low 52 degrees
Location: At Home in the Cottage, East Falmouth, MA

I now have raised garden beds, but they need to be filled with garden soil. And I am resolute that it needs to be organic, and it is not easy to find organic garden soil that is affordable. Jed sent me a source on the Cape, a family farm, but I called numerous times today and didn’t reach them. So, I took off for Costco which has the cheapest organic garden soil that I have been able to find. I knew I was going to made two trips to get the 25 bags I need. My little car could hold all 25 bags even though they are very large, but they are also VERY heavy. I called Costco this morning and they promised they would help load the bags onto a cart and then put the bags into my car. But I had no idea how much the bags really weigh (at least 50 pounds since each bag hold 55 quarts of soil). I decided to get 14 bags, but the young man loading them into my car stopped at 10. The weight had lowered the car as low as he thought was safe. So, I left 4 bags and will borrow Heather and Jed’s van and return tomorrow to get those 4 bags plus 11 more. I drove VERY carefully all the way home and was somehow able to pull those bags out of my car. The bags are awkward to handle because they are almost 4 feet long, but I persisted and got the job done . . . for today. The saga will continue tomorrow.

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