2018 Life Logs, Day 133—Happy Mother’s Day
Date: Sunday, May 13, 2018
Weather: Overcast and Cool; High 54, Low 47 degrees
Location: At Home in the Cottage, East Falmouth, MA

It was a Happy Mother’s Day here and I hope that all of my favorite mothers out there had a great day. For me, it is a great Mother’s Day when I get to spend time with my children. That’s a little hard for me since Justin lives in Puerto Rico. But Justin called this morning and then took Jo, Ziggy, and Coco to his office late this afternoon so they could make a Skype video call. They had to go to the office because the internet signal there is strong enough for video. It was wonderful to see them, and on this end, I had Heather and gang here. So, I was surrounded by my children, despite the distance. For Mother’s Day, Justin and kids gave Jo tickets for a summer trip to England, stopping here for a week-long visit on the way home. That will be in July and I can’t wait to have them visit!

Heather, Jed, and boys returned from their two-night camping trip late morning. They were planning to come over to help me put the raised garden beds together, so I invited them to come a little early and have lunch, as well as dinner, here. We had a nice lunch and then launched into our projects. Heather and Jed helped me decide where to place the raised-beds and then the boys helped with the assembly. You can assemble the cedar raised-beds in different ways and we considered all sorts of configurations. But in the end, we decided on a simple design. I ended up with two 4 x 8 foot beds and one 4 x 4. It will cost a small fortune to fill them with organic garden soil, but I am determined to use only organic. I am very happy with the look of our design and am anxious to fill them with soil and plant the seeds and seedlings. The boys also assembled a tiny greenhouse I bought at Job Lot and I hope to take the plants that we started inside out to the greenhouse to harden them off before planting in the gardens (Heather’s and mine) over Memorial Day weekend. It is such a nice feeling to be gardening again. That wasn’t possible on while living on Windbird except for pots of basil and it wasn’t possible at The Studio. But now that I am in a home with a yard, I can go for it. The soil here is sand, thus the need for raised-beds. I’m not sure how successful my gardening attempts will be this year, but I will have fun trying. Thanks to Heather, Jed, and boys for pitching in and helping me today.

We had artichokes and baby back ribs for dinner, ending a wonderful day. I had hoped for some sunshine, but the only sunshine came from watching my family in action. I’ll take it.

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