2018 Life Logs, Day 122—Slow and Steady
Date: Wednesday, May 2, 2018
Weather: Beautiful Day; High 80??, Low 54 degrees F
Location: At Home in the Cottage, East Falmouth, MA
I’ve always loved turtles and now I seem to moving like one! The good thing is that moving like a turtle might be slow . . . yet it is steady. I’m still stepping over and around boxes to move through the cottage, but it is getting better. I actually didn’t spend much time at home today. I went to Heather’s at 8 am to be with the Ollie and Jonah until it was time to take them to school and then I headed to the gym for my 9:15 am class. Afterwards I headed to AT&T to figure out what happened to my voice mail notification on my cell phone. It just went away and even the young man at the store couldn’t figure it out. Finally, he found an alternate way for me to access voice mail and I moved on to the grocery store. From there I went to Job Lot to purchase the carpet runners for my hallway and entry way, stopped by Heather’s to start a laundry of the new bedding for the guest bedroom, and finally headed home. I didn’t get home until 1:15, so all of that took three hours. By the time I had lunch and did a few things, it was time to go pick up Ollie after school. I had loaded up our bicycles because this morning Ollie said he would like to go bike riding on the bike path. But after school he decided he just wanted to go home and play. Fair enough. But before doing that, he suggested we stop at Smitty’s for an ice cream cone to celebrate the warmest day we have had this spring. Weather Underground tells me it was 80 degrees F today. I have a hard time believing it was that warm, but it was delightful, whatever the temperature. So, we had ice cream and found we weren’t the only ones with that idea. We ran into next door neighbor Mollie and her grandmother doing the same thing. When we finally got home, Mollie and Ollie played together and had a great time. Jonah and Sam were both at soccer practice and Mollie’s brother Joey was at an afterschool program. Heather came home just long enough to get ready to go to a PTO Board Meeting and then a general PTO Meeting. Jed got home from Boston in time to coach soccer and got home with Sam and Jonah at 6:30. In between pitching baseballs for Ollie, I got dinner ready and finished up the laundry I had started in earlier in the day. Then Jed got home with Sam and Jonah and we had dinner. Whew! That slow and steady turtle progress today wore me out. Do you think that is how turtles feel at the end of the day?!!!

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