2017 Life Logs, Days 138: Lunch with Jane
Date: Thursday, May 18, 2017
Weather: Mostly Sunny with a High Temp in the 80’s, Low in the 50’s F
Location: At Home in The Studio, Falmouth, MA

The earlier part of my day was spent getting for and having lunch with good friend, Jane Woodin. She arrived in a short sleeve shirt and shorts while I had on jeans and long-sleeved shirt. The high temp here today was in the 80’s, but here on the water, it was too cool for us to sit on out on the deck. Away from the water, however, it felt much warmer. The wind that seems to constantly barrel down the harbor here makes it feel much cooler than it really is. Later in the summer when the water warms up a bit, it is much more comfortable, but not right now. Anyway, Jane and I ate and talked and talked and talked. It was a great visit. When Jane left, I spent some time reading directions for planting seeds in the hummingbird garden bags that will hang over the deck railing that I got for Mother’s Day from Heather, Jed, and gang, and the windowsill herb garden bags I got from Justin, Jo, and kids for Christmas. Both were a little more complicated than I had anticipated. Once I read the details, I found that I need to start the seeds in flats and then transplant into the hummingbird garden bags and burlap herb garden bags. So, I decided to head to Heather and Jed’s to gather up some planting boxes. Just before I got there, I received a call from Heather telling me to come directly to Patricia (the street where the boys ride their bikes) where Ollie had a special surprise for me. When I got there I found Ollie on his bicycle with no training wheels!

He got his big boy bicycle for Christmas and this afternoon he was flying around without those training wheels. Way to go, Ollie! I then gathered up the planting boxes and headed to Waquoit Feed and Grain to get organic potting soil and some ‘hot’ bird seed for Heather. Evidently, if you add hot spices to bird feed, unwanted mammals won’t come seeking the spilled seeds and grace your property with their unwanted presence. This includes rats, skunks, and raccoon. So, the Goldstones will still feed the birds, but with this ‘hot’ mix that won’t invite the unwanted critters.

When I got home, I had a long phone conversation with my friend Lynne in Nyack, New York. She brought me up-to-date on how Ed is progressing with his therapy as follow-up to his broken hip. He is moving forward, but having a little more pain than anticipated. And later tonight I talked to my sister to check up on my brother-in-law Joe who had a recent knee replacement. Joe is also making progress, moving from a walker to a cane. So it sounds like both Ed and Joe are on the road to recovery. I also got a text from Heather with a photo of Ollie with a new big boy haircut. I wasn’t prepared for that, but then she wrote that Sam and Jonah also got haircuts tonight to match the warmer weather. Jonah has an unbelievable head of curly hair that I love. Evidently most of that is gone. I haven’t even seen them, but it makes me sad. I love their long, curly locks. But, as Heather reminded me, hair grows back. So I’ll survive the temporary change. Just wish I had taken “before” photos.

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