2017 Life Logs, Days 132: Goldpebble Overnight
Date: Friday, May 12, 2017
Weather: More Sun, More Clouds; High 51 degrees F, Low 42
Location: At Home in The Studio, Falmouth, MA

It was a bit of a disjointed day, but a good one. I started the day by meeting the realtor at a house that looked interesting when I was searching online. The address was Journey’s End Road, and indeed, it is on a dirt road that matches the street name. I loved the almost one acre fenced lot and instantly dreamed up all sorts of ways to use the land, and the house was nice, bigger than I need and in need of some minor renovations, but the kitchen was the deal breaker. It was just too tiny. I don’t think I’d ever be happy with a kitchen that small and I could see no way to expand it. The property still intrigues me, but this is probably not “the right one” for me. When I got home, it was time for a scheduled call with Creekside Resort in southern West Virginia where we are having the Martin family gathering in June. I worked through more of the details with the young woman there ! promised her a final count on the number of people and our food plan sometime next week. After the call, it was time for lunch and then out to do some food shopping. Yesterday I invited the Goldpebbles over for dinner and an overnight. I hadn’t heard whether or not they were coming, but I figured it was best to be prepared. Time flies, so by the time I got back from the store, it was time to go pick up Ollie at school and then to Heather and Jed’s to pick up Sam and Jonah. Actually, Jonah didn’t decide to come until the very last minute, and I was so glad he made that decision. He has to leave at 8:30 in the morning for a soccer game that is about an hour from here and had thought he would just prefer to stay at home. But he came and we all had a relaxed, fun time. And I’m really hoping Heather and Jed had a relaxed, fun evening. The boys are in bed now and I’m headed that way very soon.

Once every few days, I check on various friends and family on Facebook to see what’s happening in their lives. Tonight, I went to my daughter-in-law Jo’s page and what I read made my day. Jo wrote: “Forgive me if I’m wrong, but I’m imagining I am the only person in my circle who came home from the beach today to find her horse in the living room eating her beloved house plants!!!” Too funny. Jo is the mother of those two beautiful grandchildren of mine, but also to a host of other mammals—dogs, cats, rabbits, and a horse, of course. Happy Mother’s Day, Jo!

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