2017 Life Logs, Days 131: Out of Focus
Date: Thursday, May 11, 2017
Weather: More Sun, More Clouds; High 55 degrees F, Low 44
Location: At Home in The Studio, Falmouth, MA

Today I felt just a little out of focus . . . many things to do but no way to know what to tackle first. So I punted. Instead of doing anything, I spent most of my day driving north off the Cape returning things I had bought before leaving for the Bahamas that either didn’t fit or were just the wrong thing. I had this whirlwind shopping trip before leaving and even though most things were just perfect, but there were a few things that needed to be returned. So now that is done. And I got back to Falmouth just in time to go pick up Ollie for our second day of after-school adventures. I thought we were headed back to the bike path, but we ended up going to my place where Ollie wanted to play on the dock, ride his little John Deere tractor on the desk, and ride his bike through the boatyard next door. We also dug out the kinetic sand that has been in hiding all winter and played with that. Tomorrow morning I meet with a realtor to look at a couple of houses and then come home to work on final plans for the June gathering of my family. The Goldpebbles might be coming to dinner and to spend the night, so I will need to gear up for that. And then it is the weekend.

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