2017 Life Logs, Day 337: Falmouth Christmas Parade
Date: Sunday, December 3, 2017
Weather: Mostly Cloudy; High Temp 49, Low 33 degrees F
Location: At Home in The Studio, Falmouth, MA

It was another busy holiday-centered day. The Goldpebbles spent the night and this morning we had a Lego love fest. They have a collection of Star Wars Lego sets here that they build and rebuild. But overnight, Santa made a delivery of a Christmas Lego set for each boy, so they delighted in building those sets. Yesterday, Heather and Jed got my Christmas tree standing. I just couldn’t get it to stand upright in the stand I have, and it made me feel a little better to find that they were having some of the same problems. We finally used fishing line to tie it to the ceiling! This morning, Sam helped me get the lights on the tree and he, Jonah, and Ollie made a good start on putting the ornaments on before it was time to leave for the Falmouth Christmas Parade. Heather and Jed came and Jed took Sam and Jonah to their designated meeting places . . . Jed for Scouts, Sam for Morse Pond Band, and Jonah for the Falmouth Soccer Club. Heather, Ollie, and I waited a bit and then drove downtown to try and get front row seats. We look my beach chairs and set them next to the curb in front of the Public Library. Today Ollie decided to go as Santa Claus, so he carried all of the things he had brought to my house for the weekend in a sack pretending that it was full of toys. There were very few spaces left by the time we got there, but we found our space and enjoyed watching the parade. The first group to come by each year represent the local government and are dressed in period costumes declaring, “Hear Ye, Hear Ye, the 54th Annual Falmouth Christmas Parade is about to begin.” There are floats, bands, clowns, horses, dogs, and lots of kids and adults from local organizations in the parade. We saw Jed walking with the Scouts and Jonah walking with the Soccer Club. And we saw the back of Sam’s head, identified by the green, not red, Santa’s hat, as he rode by facing in the opposite direction playing drums in the back of a truck. As always, Ollie’s favorite was the Brian Boru Pipe Band. Mine, too. But this year a local building company had a float featuring bathtubs and toilets. The toilets were decorated to look like reindeer . . . the most creative thing I saw today!

When Heather and Jed went to Sweden this summer, they first stayed in a vacation cabin owned by a science colleague who lives in Sweden, but spends time in Woods Hole collaborating. She is now visiting here and she found us and watched the parade with us. After the parade, we invited her to join us for lunch at Crepe Cod, a new restaurant in town this year that we have all wanted to check out. They offer sweet and savory French crepes with a Moroccan twist. Delicious. The savory crepes are made with buckwheat which makes them gluten-free. Love that. But I have to admit that Jonah’s sweet crepe made with traditional white flour looked absolutely yummy. I’m not much of a restaurant person, but I’ll return there again. The food is good and is personally delivered by the chef. Bon appetit!

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