2017 Life Logs, Day 310: Reliving the Voyage of Windbird
Date: Monday, November 6, 2017
Weather: Mostly Cloudy; High 70, Low 43 degrees F
Location: At Home in The Studio, Falmouth, MA

It was unusually warm when I left for the gym this morning, but by mid-afternoon, the temperature had dropped significantly. But it was warm enough this afternoon that I washed the outside windows before the really cold weather arrives. The storm we had last week left a salty residue on the outside of all of my windows, and I was tired of looking through the ‘milky’ window panes. Now I can watch the cooler weather arrive with clarity. Tomorrow the daytime high will be almost 20 degrees cooler than today. Ouch! Otherwise, I spent my day tweaking a PowerPoint presentation I gave to the Falmouth Newcomers last January. On Wednesday of this week, I make that same presentation to another Cape Newcomers Club. I truly enjoyed the day, reliving the Voyage of Windbird.

I talked to Justin briefly today. In anticipation of the solar power system we purchased last week being installed in December, he and Jo took a look at new refrigerators at Home Depot. The one they have is very old and takes way too much power to run off solar. Home Depot is having a big promotional sale on small Haier refrigerators and Justin asked me to look into their efficiency rating. I, in turn, sent a text to Heather, and upon a quick review by both of us, it looks like a good deal. The sale price in Puerto Rico is the same as the regular price here, but that is normal due to the import charges. I’ve got to do a little more research, but it sounds like the Home Depot sale is good for them. Last week they spent Home Depot gift certificates they have received to buy materials to rebuild a barn and fencing for their animals. The work is going more slowly than Justin would like, but they are very happy with the results thus far. And they are so very grateful for the donations that have made this work possible. So life marches on for them, slowly but surely.

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