2017 Life Logs, Day 311: Mail Came
Date: Tuesday, November 7, 2017
Weather: Mostly Cloudy and Cool; High 58, Low 42 degrees F
Location: At Home in The Studio, Falmouth, MA

Justin and Jo both posted on Facebook today. Their Sprint cell service on their iPhones is actually working again which is fantastic news. I read Jo’s Facebook thank you note for all the packages that arrived today and then I saw Justin’s post which was a photo of their Subaru Outback absolutely filled completely with those packages that just said, “Mail came.” It sure did. Jo’s post was a little longer than Justin’s and I need to add nothing to it. She writes so beautifully, straight from her heart.

“So blown away today. I headed straight to the post office this morning, and came home feeling like Santa with a truck packed full of boxes . . . And right in time to make the envoy that leaves tomorrow for Campamento de los olvidados/camp of the forgotten in Utuado, we have: diapers, cleaning supplies, powdered goat and cow milk, infant formula, life straws, water bottles, copious amounts of organic seeds, healthy snacks and dried foods, underwear, clothing, art supplies, female sanitary supplies, solar lights, baby bottles, D batteries, wipes…
Justin is dropping it at the collection center for the mountains in just a few moments, and all these wonderful supplies will be heading directly to the people who most need them.
Humbled and sooooo lifted by this incredible outpouring of generosity. What a caring and beautiful world this really and truly is, let’s not forget that as our oppressors march further into their own skewed reality and attempt to squash our spirit with fear-driven agendas and propaganda…
We are all so mighty and unstoppable and here for each other! Thank you Facebook world of lovers, dreamers, seekers, carers and fighters. You are one of our many blessings, and we will never forget this time and these lessons.
Maria was and continues to be the most incredible teacher and her lessons are swift, sometimes painful, emotional, unifying, baptismal, opening, restorative, and challenging.
I love you all. Blessed. All the hashtags. Thanks and praises on the Most High.”

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