2017 Life Logs, Day 308: Beautiful Full Moon
Date: Saturday, November 4, 2017
Weather: Partly Cloudy; High 53, Low 43 degrees F
Location: At Home in The Studio, Falmouth, MA

Today was a quiet Saturday that ended with a dinner out with Heather, Ollie, and Jonah. Coming home from dinner in Woods Hole, we got to see tonight’s beautiful full moon. It was a delightful day and evening with no drama. And that has become a rare thing around here! Today was ten degrees cooler than yesterday, and it finally felt like fall. At midnight tonight the time changes, so that makes it official. We ‘fall back’ an hour and as a result sunset tomorrow will be at 4:32 pm. Definitely fall, even if there are still Monarch butterflies flitting about. The temperature today was also a reminder that fall is really here and winter is on the way. The high was only 53 degrees F and it felt chilly. Tomorrow will be a tad warmer and Monday the high should reach the upper 60’s. But after that, the forecast is for a week of repeats of today. It is time to start wearing fall clothes.

I went to the gym for my Saturday Zumba class, but no one was there. There was no sign or posted schedule, but before I left, I spotted the Zumba teacher. I haven’t been to class for the past couple of weeks, and she explained that the class time has been set back one hour. I missed today’s class, but will arrive on time next week. I headed home to change clothes and head over to Heather’s. But by the time I wrote a couple of emails and talked to Detta and Tom Porat on the phone, it was almost noon. I headed out, but when I arrived at the Goldstones, no one was home. I knew Heather was taking the boys to a birthday party, but I thought that was later in the afternoon. When I checked the calendar on my phone, I saw that it actually started at noon, so I took time to read the Falmouth Enterprise that comes out every Friday (and I am too cheap to subscribe to) and headed back home to work on a Voyage of Windbird presentation I am making on Wednesday. I returned to Heather’s mid-afternoon to hang out with Jonah and Ollie while Heather went for a run. Sam and Jed left yesterday after school for a two-night Scout camp outing. The boys don’t love going out to dinner, but Heather was able to talk Jonah and Ollie into going to the Captain Kidd in Woods Hole and they invited me to go along. We had a lovely dinner and drove home by the light of that full moon. Beautiful.

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