2017 Life Logs, Day 299: Good Days, Bad Days
Date: Thursday, October 26, 2017
Weather: Overcast and Rainy; High 64, Low 45 degrees F
Location: At Home in The Studio, Falmouth, MA

Yesterday there was good news from Puerto Rico. Justin felt like he was going to get back to work. Packages arrived. Everything was moving along just fine. Then I got a call from Justin around noon today with not so good news. Somehow Hopi, their horse, got through the fencing and was hit by a car up on the road. Justin went up to deal with the situation and found that the horse seemed to be okay, but there was damage to the car that hit the horse and the police made it clear that either Justin would pay for the damage or he would have to go to court. As they said, by law you have to keep your animals on your own property. Period. As Justin said, he has car insurance but not horse insurance, so he will have to pay immediately once there is an estimate of the damages. Not what they needed right now, but to add insult to injury, Ziggy also got injured during all of this. He’s okay, although Justin says he doesn’t look like it. Evidently the kids were told not to go up to the road where the accident happened, but Ziggy ran up the hill and tried to climb over the tall medal gate at the top of the drive way. He got to the top of the gate, about chest high on an adult, and then somehow fell over and right onto his face. His lips are terribly swollen and he has lots of scrapes, but Justin thinks he will be fine. Of course, Ziggy was devastated. He had done something he had been told not to do and gotten hurt. And the horse he loves was also injured. Ugh! My heart breaks for him, but as Justin said it was quite fortuitous that the package of Halloween fun sent from Team Handley/Hunt for Ziggy and Coco arrived yesterday. It helped Ziggy to be able to decorate the house and both he and Coco loved the wooden masks from Michael’s that you color with permanent markers. I’m so grateful that there was a little joy mixed with the sadness.

Today Justin went to Maximo Solar to check out the mini off-grid system they had advertised on their website. Somehow that kit is no longer available, but more expensive packages with the exact same equipment are available. I have asked my “technical team” to advise me, but when there is only one game in town, you have to play it. Justin won’t be able to go back tomorrow, but on Monday, maybe we can purchase a solar system that will give them lights and ceiling fans to move the air, refrigeration, the use of the washing machine (with water carried from the spring), and power to charge computers, phones, etc. Ziggy will be so excited about this as he has been maintaining his aquariums by adding fresh water every day in the absence of electricity to run the water pumps. Sure hope we can actually get the solar system and that Ziggy’s little creatures survive. I managed to get about half-way through my To Do list for the day and will continue tomorrow.

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