2017 Life Logs, Day 272: Impromptu Trip to Boston
Date: Friday, September 29, 2017
Weather: Huge Change in Temperature; High 64, Low 51 degrees F
Location: At Home in The Studio, Falmouth, MA

An early morning email from Sam of Windbird said he was flying over Greenland on his way to Boston. Well, actually he was on break, not flying the plane at that moment. He said he would arrive in Boston at noon and be there until 7 pm tomorrow night when he flies to Paris. He wanted to know if I might be traveling to Boston for any reason today or tomorrow so we could get together for lunch or dinner. I emailed back that I had been contemplating a trip to Cambridge to check out details for a November trip to the Harvard Museum of Natural History and to Costco to buy batteries to send to Puerto Rico, and his email sealed the deal. I didn’t have that quiet day at home that I anticipated. I was off to Boston. I met Sam in Harvard Square, had lunch at the Maharaja Indian restaurant near the Square, walked through Ollie Harvard Yard, and had a beer on the outside deck of Grendel’s. It was a cool day, but the sky was blue and the sun shone brightly. Just perfect! I always enjoy spending time with Sam. We both missed Dawn but I am hoping to see her in Chesapeake before they head to the islands for the winter. I picked Sam’s brain for suggestions for satellite-based communications equipment I could buy and send to Justin and Jo in Puerto Rico so we can be in touch with them. This not knowing what is happening from day to day is just so hard. Sam had some good ideas that I will check out this weekend. I’m going to be spending some time with Ollie tomorrow afternoon while Heather goes off in one direction with Jonah and Jed goes in another direction with Sam. I will be taking Ollie to a friend’s birthday party. But other than that, I hope to spend time catching up on correspondence and researching satellite communication ‘gizmos’.

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