2017 Life Logs, Day 271: A Message from Justin and Jo in Puerto Rico
Date: Thursday, September 28, 2017
Weather: Foggy, Turning Partly Sunny; High 80, Low 50 degrees F
Location: At Home in The Studio, Falmouth, MA

“Everything is gonna be alright, mom.” This is the message I got today from my son Justin in Rincon, Puerto Rico. Justin traveled to a home with a working landline phone to make the call. Fuel is precious and the drive to the house with the phone is far, so calling from there won’t happen often. But it was wonderful to hear from him directly that everything is alright for now. Justin and Jo have decided not to leave Puerto Rico. That could change if things don’t improve, but they are dedicated to staying to help rebuild their community. They don’t want to uproot Ziggy and Coco or leave their animals. They have enough food for another couple of weeks and they get fresh water by collecting rain water and walking to a nearby fresh water spring. Neighbors are helping neighbors. Ziggy and Coco can walk to play with friends and they are all spending time together to begin the healing process from this huge disaster to the little corner of the earth they call home. I worry about their safety, but I do understand that there are times in all of our lives when taking risks prevail. Once we know there is a reliable way of sending things that are needed, I’ll post that here. In the meantime, stand with me in the hope that Justin, Jo, Ziggy, and Coco, and all of the people of Puerto Rico will be given the support needed to rebuild and the strength and resourcefulness to do it. I was heartened today that President Trump has waived the Jones Act for 10-days—not long enough, but a start. I read that the US Army is now in charge of things in Puerto Rico, so the plea for someone to take charge has been answered. The job ahead is enormous, but I know it can be done. Now all of us just have to wait and hope that willful people will overcome adversity.
My conversation with Justin was not a short one. He called to let me know that they are okay, but he also needed me to take copious notes for almost two hours that I then sent to his business partner in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Justin is hoping that his partner can keep their business alive until he is back online. I put Justin on speaker phone and typed as fast as I could. It was like recording something in a foreign language as I hardly comprehend Justin’s internet-based business. But at the end of two hours, I certainly understood a lot more and was in awe of Justin’s ability to zero on all the details that need attention. Hopefully his business partner will be able to pull this off. And, of course, I will be here ready help when needed.
By the time I ended my conversation with Justin and edited my notes to send to the business partner, it was almost 5 pm. I rushed to get to the post office to send another package to Justin—water filters—but the PO was closed. I really have no idea that the package will get there, but they need the water filters so it is worth the try. My first job in the morning will be to get to the PO to send a package that I have no idea will ever arrive. But back to this afternoon, by the time I got home it was almost 6 pm and I still had not eaten the lunch! As I was contemplating what I might fix for dinner, I got a call from Heather. Their dinner plans had gone awry and they were headed to the BBC (British Beer Company) near me for dinner. They invited me to join them and that was perfect as I was just about to call them to share the information from Justin. We had a combined dinner and information sharing time. Ollie is almost over his cold, but Sam is still not feeling great. Thankfully, Jonah, Heather, Jed, and myself have been spared so far. Dinner was fun and since the boys had to walk through the soccer field to get back to the van, they had an impromptu soccer practice in the dark. It is always such a joy to see them at play. This has been the week of Meet the Teacher nights and Heather reports that all three boys are settling nicely into the school year. All is well on the home front here.
I’m hoping for a very quiet day tomorrow. The wind has switched to coming from the north and the temperature is going to drop almost 20 degrees. Tomorrow should be a good day to sit at my computer and catch up on correspondence while I continue to read and watch everything I can about what is happening in Puerto Rico. On we go.

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