2017 Life Logs, Day 269: Do-Nothing Day
Date: Tuesday, September 26, 2017
Weather: Another Beautiful Day; High 81, Low 63 degrees F
Location: At Home in The Studio, Falmouth, MA

We all deserve a do-nothing day once in a while. Right? Well, right or not, I took one today. I ran some errands this morning, sat in the sun for an hour this afternoon, and then started the prep for tomorrow morning’s colonoscopy. Doing nothing can be good, but unfortunately for me, it gave me more time to worry about Justin and Jo and the other 3.5 million Americans in Puerto Rico. I hear President Trump congratulating himself for doing such a good job of supporting Puerto Rico because he said the Governor of Puerto Rico thanked him for his wonderful support. Of course, he did. And I’m sure the Governor is thankful for the emergency food, water, and boots on the ground. But sending emergency food and water is not going to solve this problem. Getting fuel there will help, but the Congress needs to repeal the Jones Act so it will be easier and cheaper for fuel to get to the island. And we need to talk about infrastructure. That many people cannot live for months on-end on bottled water and no electricity on an island where all trees and any crops have been destroyed and where people have no way to communicate with the outside world and no way to preserve the food they have. We need to be talking about rebuilding the entire infrastructure on the island. We need to deliver a telecommunications network so the people of Puerto Rico can communicate with the outside world. But instead, our President is focused on further dividing our nation by ranting non-stop about football players exercising their right of non-violent protest by kneeling during the national anthem. As Americans, they have the reason and the right to do this, but a President of this great country does not have the right to use divisive language to tear us apart. He needs to focus on supporting the people of Houston, of Florida, and of Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. We have much, much, much more important things to do than rant about non-violent protest. (deep breath) Okay. Got that off my chest. Unfortunately, I probably have another do-nothing day tomorrow, so watch out. Tomorrow night’s log might be yet another rant on what should be.

I have not heard from Justin and family since the initial contact on Sunday via Skype messaging. I leave Skype up on my computer all day long in the hopes that I will get a message and can get back to him. I don’t want to go out in the afternoons because I want to be here in case Justin tries to make contact. Supposedly, he should be able to message me via Skype on my phone, so if I am out and about, hopefully I’ll get the message. I check Facebook over and over and over during the day looking for any little bit of information. I know they are safe for now, but I am so anxious for the time when I can hear their voices and find out from them what life is really like for them in their area of Puerto Rico. JJZ&C—We love you. Hang in there!

The bright spot in the day, rather evening, was the sunset. I missed the Newcomers Sunset Cruise on the Island Queen tonight, but I watched from the deck as they headed out. Later I enjoyed the sunset. It was the most colorful I have seen since last fall.

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