2017 Life Logs, Day 223: Miscommunication
Date: Friday, August 11, 2017
Weather: Mostly Sunny; High 78, Low 65 degrees F
Location: At Home in The Studio, Falmouth, MA

Due to a miscommunication, my plans for the next two weeks have changed. Last Saturday I had a conversation with Heather and Jed about their plans for getting to the airport tomorrow for their flight to Norway and on to Sweden. I learned that they were flying out of Providence, Rhode Island, and not Boston, and would need to get to the airport by 7 o’clock. I assumed AM, but I found out this morning they meant PM. In that original conversation, I offered to take them to the airport with the hopes that I could travel on to Nyack, New York, to visit with friends, Ed and Lynne. Long story short, I arranged that visit, knowing that I would have to head home early on Monday as Ed has chemo that day. It has been a very busy week with no time to talk, so this morning is the first time I have had a chance to talk to Heather or Jed about what time we might leave for the airport in the morning. In talking with Heather, it became evident that we were not leaving for the airport until late afternoon. Lynne is famous for saying, “Make plans, but then life happens.” Well, I made plans, but my stupidity in not understanding the Goldstone flight time changes everything. I’ll still be taking them to the airport, but I will then return home. I’ll now be visiting with Ed and Lynne on August 22 to August 24. I feel terrible that I had them prepare for a visit this weekend, but I look forward to our visit in a week and few days. But I will still take the Goldstones to the airport in Providence and then return home. Camp Oma is on hold for the two weeks they are in Sweden and will start again on Monday, August 28, when they return.

Today was the last day of soccer camp. For this final day, Sam on Team Brazil and Jonah was on Team USA.Ollie designed a t-shirt to cheer on both teams. I think both Sam and Jonah enjoyed this week of soccer, but they will now put soccer on the back burner until the fall season starts. We left the soccer field and came home to my house to celebrate with a ‘make your own personal pizza’ lunch. Then I took the boys home to play. We spent some time working on their summer journals to get them ready to travel to Sweden with them. Boys being boys, they aren’t terribly excited about journaling while on vacation. But some of their drawings capturing summer activities to date are great, so I’m hoping they will capture a few highlights of their time in Norway and Sweden to share when they return. Here are a few of their journal entries from this summer.

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