2017 Life Logs, Day 220: Special Moments
Date: Tuesday, August 8, 2017
Weather: Overcast Until Late Afternoon; High 69, Low 62 degrees F
Location: At Home in The Studio, Falmouth, MA

The weather changed our plans for today. After soccer camp, we had planned to go to Woods Hole to have lunch with Heather and Jed and then go to Stoney Beach for the afternoon. But it was overcast with sprinkles all morning, so we decided to just have a low-key afternoon at home. That didn’t really happen as we didn’t get home until almost 4 pm, but we managed to have some very special moments.

Sam and Jonah started their day at soccer camp while Ollie and I made a visit to the Buzzards Bay Coalition Center in Woods Hole. Three days a week at 11 am they let children help feed the creatures in the touch tank. Ollie got to feed the horseshoe crab with a syringe and learned exactly where to find its mouth. He also helped with the feeding of the spider crabs and held an urchin, a scallop, and a large whelk. He was thrilled and learned a lot in a short period of time. We then went to pick Sam and Jonah up from soccer camp and headed back to Woods Hole to have lunch with Heather and Jed. Heather had to leave early for work this morning and has to do the same for the next two mornings, so the boys wanted to have lunch with mommy and daddy. We ate at Pie in the Sky which is across the street from a hill between Heather’s office and Jed’s. An on this hill is a very special tree that the boys love to climb. Before and after lunch, they climbed the tree and found the most amazing things to do. Jonah became a sloth and a chameleon. Ollie hugged the tree and used one of the above ground roots as a slide. And Sam sat high in the tree and read his book on mommy’s Kindle. It is so wonderful to watch children play like this. But finally, we pulled ourselves away and headed to my house to complete some laundry for the Goldstones as their washer is on the blink and then on home to do some packing for Sweden. As we were unpacking the car, Sam discovered that he did not have his soccer ball. When I picked him up at the soccer field, we both agreed that I sent him to the car with his ball and bag, but the ball just just wasn’t there. So, we headed back to the soccer field. There was no soccer ball, but there was a red-tailed hawk sitting on the top of one of the soccer goals and the boys were so excited that they were able to walk right up to the goal to see the hawk up-close. We decided that even though we didn’t find the ball, the trip back to town was worth it. And then, low and behold, when we finally got home, Sam miraculously found the soccer ball under his seat. Unfortunately, our afternoon at home didn’t happen, but we had a great time. It was four o’clock when we got home and we spent the next two hours trying to go through clothes for the trip to Sweden. When I finally got home, I unfortunately had to spend a great deal of my evening on the phone with my internet provider. One minute I had wifi, the next I did not. It took two hours and it is now much later than I had hoped to be up, but I do once again have internet.

Tomorrow is a big day. We are traveling off-Cape to spend the afternoon on a beach and then watch another wildlife release. This is the release of three harbor seals. Heather is in Boston all day but hopes to make it to the beach in time to watch the release with the boys.

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