2017 Life Logs, Day 212: End of the ‘Blue’ Month on Cape Cod
Date: Monday, July 31, 2017
Weather: Beautiful, Sunny Day; High 78, Low 64 degrees F
Location: At Home in The Studio, Falmouth, MA

I’m having a really hard time believing that today is that last day of July, but those beautiful blue hydrangeas that adorn The Studio property are fading. And that tells me that Cape Cod’s ‘blue’ month has come to an end. Hydrangeas and Cape Cod are synonymous and they are in their glory during the month of July, as are the lavender plants that add another touch of blue. All are fading into August, but I am hoping this is not signaling the end of summer. With our slow start on summer weather, I’m hoping for a warmer than normal August and September.

Camp Oma was in full swing today with a return to swim lessons at Falmouth Heights Beach. The boys swore they didn’t want to go, but after a week away from lessons, both Sam and Jonah shone. Their skills have improved greatly this summer and today Jonah actually got that bushy head of hair under the water multiple times. And Ollie did a lot of swimming and floating and swears that tomorrow he’ll get his head underwater as well. I’ll call this success! We stayed at the beach longer than planned as the boys were enjoying a beach baseball game with friends. After the game, we headed back into the water for one more swim and then we headed to my place for showers and lunch. It was 2:30 pm before we finally headed to the Goldstone’s. Jed finished building the shed last week and Heather was taking the afternoon to paint. The boys wanted to help, so we spent the latter part of the afternoon painting. All three boys pitched in and they did a great job. I left shortly after 5 pm and Sam was still working with his mom to complete the job. The shed kit came with primer paint on the outside walls, but Heather had hoped to get two coats of paint on top of that. One gallon of paint only did one coat, so she’ll have to make a return trip to Home Depot for more paint for that second coat.

When I got home, I got a call from Justin saying things were crazy at Finca Maravilla after the afternoon delivery of my birthday presents for Coco. I sent roller skates for her and for Ziggy and after arrival, they had immediately put them on and were learning to skate in the living room. In typical Coco style, she had no clothes on, so what I got to see on Skype video was naked roller skating at its finest. There was lots of giggling and squeals, so I think both Ziggy and Coco enjoyed the skates. Coco’s main present from me was a slack line, so I’ll have to check in on another afternoon and see the kids in action on that.

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