2017 Life Logs, Day 16: Concord Yacht Club Meeting
Date: Monday, January 16, 2017
Weather: Sunny; High 39, Low 12 degrees
Location: At Home with Alan and Helaine Kanegsberg, Bow, NH

How does this keep happening? I always have all of these wonderful things I want to report in this log, and then it is midnight before I start writing and I’m too tired to remember what I was going to say. So regardless of the details, I had a nice drive to New Hampshire from the Cape and really enjoyed the evening with yacht club friends. We were supposed to all bring a favorite boat hor d’oeuvre and snack our way through dinner, but Bill Chapin and Bonnie brought Cajun duck jambalaya. Another member brought petite salmon cakes and another brought a large salad, so we really had a complete dinner plus all the hor d’oeuvres and dessert. It was all yummy, but the best part of any yacht club meeting is always just talking to friends. I got to catch up on Kirk and Judy Leoni’s thirty-something children (in their 30’s, not 30 of them!)and learned about John and Pam Black’s upcoming trip to Cuba. Paul and Donna Urbanekand I talked about the adventures of our mutual biking friends, Linda and Mike Stuart and I learned that Paul’s best buddy from high school is my optometrist. Small world. Peter Milne was here and I hadn’t seen him for ages. And I talked with Mike and Gretchen Coughlin about great places to vacation in Puerto Rico. So it was just a great get together. Thanks to Alan and Helaine for hosting the event. Most everyone left by 8:30, but Beth and Bob Luxstuck around to chat and the six of us talked and talked. And once Bob and Beth left, Alan and Helaine and I did some more talking. And that is how it got to be midnight.

I’ll spend time visiting with Alan and Helaine tomorrow morning before heading over to the seacoast. I will have dinner with friends and spend the night with Leslie and Rich Kole before returning to the Cape on Wednesday. It is supposed to snow here in Concord tomorrow afternoon, so I’ll leave here after a morning visit with Alan and Helaine to avoid driving in the white stuff. The seacoast is only supposed to get rain.

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