Day 278, Year 11: Storage Free . . . Yippee, Yippee
Date: Tuesday, July 26, 2016
Weather: Hotter Than Yesterday; High 86 degrees F
Location: At Home in The Studio #8, Falmouth, MA

After 13 years of paying storage fees, tonight we are storage free—yippee, yippee! Mary Ellen and Lee came with the agenda of helping us clean out our storage unit and they have worked doggedly to make it happen. By the time I got up this morning, Lee was saying that today was the day to finish the job. Neither Mark nor I thought it could happen. But it did. We moved the West Virginia cherry lumber to Heather and Jed’s storage shed. We loaded the van with things that needed to be taken to the town dump and then went back to the storage unit. There we loaded Lee and ME’s car with the last of the things that needed to be taken to our apartment and the remaining things in the storage unit that needed to go to the town dump in Heather and Jed’s van. Mark and ME headed home and Lee and I headed to the dump. I thought we were done for the day, but Lee insisted that we go back to storage to get the last bits that needed to be taken to Heather and Jed’s. He won and we completed the job. In order to take down an iron pipe that we had used as a clothes rack in storage, Lee climbed up on an antique chest to untie the thing. Thank goodness Lee is in better shape than any 75 year-old man I know, but I was sure glad when he jumped down and all was done. We still have an apartment full of things that need to find a home, but that can be done over time. So many people have helped us get to this point and we are so grateful.

Mark got two calls from Mass General today. He has to go to Boston tomorrow (Wednesday) to have fluid removed that has collected around his lungs. Evidently this is a routine procedure down by inserting a needle. Lee and Mary Ellen will drive him to Boston for this. Then on Friday he has to return for the first of three biopsies. The one on Friday is a biopsy in the lungs that is achieved through an endoscopy. That leaves Thursday open to have some fun, so Lee and Mary Ellen are taking us and the grandkids on a scenic train ride. Lee’s dad worked on the railroad all his life and Lee loves trains. This will be a special treat for all of us.

Tonight Lee and ME treated all of us, including Heather and boys, to a special dinner. Lee grilled steaks and asparagus and we had corn on the cob. Everything was delicious. Thank you, Lee and Mary Ellen. Unfortunately Sam didn’t get to enjoy the dinner. Heather thinks he was suffering from heat exhaustion as he had all of the classic symptoms. He slept through dinner but awoke with his high temperature significantly lowered. This happened to Jonah on Sunday. It certainly is hotter than normal here, and I think the boys get busy and forget to drink water. We actually turned on the AC in the apartment last night due to the heat and humidity and I think we will leave it on until Friday when the temperature is supposed to moderate.

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